The thermoplastics are characterized by its excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of chemical products, as well are named engineering plastics and are used in the tanks and industrial equipment manufacturing that by its extreme operational conditions aren´t susceptible to be manufactured using thermofixed resin (such as polyester and vynilester)


For the manufacturing of these tanks and equipment, high thicknesses plates could be used, which can be reinforced with FRP or steel structural profiles for increasing rigidity.


Also tanks and equipment with 3,4,5 and 9 mm thickness plates are manufactured, which are externally reinforced with reinforced plastic sheeting to obtain a material with an extraordinary chemical and mechanical resistance.


The thermoplastic plates are heat molded to the desired shape and welded by thermofusion, the welds are checked to the 100% of its longitude by spark testing by means of reflection on aluminum backing tape or high-frequency generator carbon fiber for this reason are totally trusted.


EFISA has over 40 years of very successful experience by designing and manufacturing tanks and industrial equipment with this manufacturing system, in order to international regulations and using thermoplastics such as:

• PVC      = Polyvinyl chloride

• CPVC     = Chlorinated polyvinil chloride

• PP         = Polypropylene

• PVDF    = Polyvinyl fluoride, Kynar™

• E-CTFE = Ethylene ChloroTriFluoroEthylene Halar™



In the following files, you can review widely the manufacturing system, with materials and control systems descriptions, to download the PDF files please click here:



• Manufacturing of PP reinforced tanks

• Manufacturing of PV reinforced tanks

• Manufacturing of PVDF reinforced tanks





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