These tanks are manufactured with a flat bottom in capacities from 0.1m³ (100 liters) to 125 m³ (125,000 liters) or with a conical bottom (30°, 45° and 60°), with a toriespherical or semi-elliptical bottom in capacities of 0.1 m³ (100 liters) to 30 m³ (30,000 liters).

These tanks are used for water processes, corrosive chemicals or food and for mixing or even chemical reaction of products. They have FDA approval (US Food & Drug Administration).


 They can be manufactured with or without caps either flat, 15° conical, toriespherical or semi-elliptical. Caps can be integral (sealed to the tank body) or flanged (attached to the tank body through flanges) to join with bolts and gaskets.


Design for liquid densities from 1.0 to 1.8 g/cm³, temperature from 0° to 110° C, atmospheric pressure, installed indoors or outdoors.

Selecting a flat-bottomed reaction tank that sits flat on a flat concrete base will yield the most economical tank price. For the dimensions of our standard models, please refer to Table 1 in the Storage Tanks section.

Reactor de 3 m³ en Guadalajara Jalisco

Reaction tanks with conical or torispherical bottom are used when the product is of high viscosity and a total discharge of the fluid through the lower nozzle is required.


The following accessories are supplied for the tanks:

• Flanged nozzles ANSI B16.5 for charge / discharge / returno / overflow / drain / level / services

• Fixation saddle, to affix the tank to the concrete base

• Lifting lugs, for loading and unloading maneuvers

• Venting Mushroomsm to prevent pressure or colapses

• 24”ø access in the cap and/or body

• PVC threaded coupling and nipple

• Tubing, stairs, platforms, handrails, baffle, profile holders


Optional accessories are also installed such as:

• interior screens to promote stirring

• guide shafts for stirrer shafts

• stirrer and pipe holders

• coil holders

• GRP support legs

• saddles for holding metal structures

Fiberglass reinforced Plastic is an alternative to traditional materials, which in case of being correctly specified, designed, manufactured and operated will report great savings and benefits to the user.

Reactor in Guadalajara Jalisco

Reactor with conical bottom

3 m³ Reactor, torispherical bottom CDMX

 reactor with semi-elliptical in Toluca, State of Mexico





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