They are tanks in capacities of 100 to 4000 liters, flat bottom and flat cap removable or without cap, these can be manufactured to store fluids of different nature, from water without contaminants to very corrosive chemicals or foodstuffs.


They have FDA (Food & Drug Administration) health approval and can be installed with all kinds of required accessories such as flanged nozzles or PVC threaded couplings for loading, unloading and miscellaneous services.


For these tanks we have permanent molds, which makes them very economical and with fast delivery times. The capacities and dimensions of these tanks can not be modified.

Special tanks with different capacities and/or dimensions other than those in Table 2 may be quoted but will always be more expensive since special molds are required.



Below, we provide you with a file with the dimensions of the commercial line tanks.

To request a quote for a Reaction tank we kindly urge you to download and complete the questionnaire to request a quote.





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