They are tanks in capacities of 5 m³ (5,000 liters) to 125 m³ (125,000 liters) of flat bottom and conical cap 15º or torispherical. These tanks are manufactured for storage or reaction of water or corrosive chemicals and foodstuffs. They have FDA approval (US Food & Drug Administration).

The tanks are designed for liquid densities from 1.0 to 1.8 g/cm3, temperature ranging 0° to 110°C, atmospheric pressure, installed indoors or outdoors.


The standard capacities are indicated in Table 1 and we have permanent molds, which makes them very economical and with faster manufacturing times.


The optimal price is obtained by choosing a flat bottom standard tank and 15° conical cap as indicated in Table 1.


Equally economical are tanks of intermediate (non-standard) capacities, but requesting them in any of the standard diameters indicated in Table 1; calculating the height of the tank necessary to give the volume required by the customer.

Tanks with diameters, bottoms and lids different from those in Table 1 can also be supplied, but the disadvantage is that they have an extra charge of approximately 20% for the production of special molds.

For a total discharge of the fluid, it is not necessary that the bottom is flat inclined or conical, usually the tanks are totally discharged with having the discharge nozzle flush with the bottom or on the bottom with an elbow at 90º, for which a cutaway to the concrete base is required, so that the face of the flange does not rest on the base. Please ask for more information.

The conical cap at 15º is the standard cover and is fully resistant, so no more investment is required in a torispherical tank cover, which is justified only for tanks installed outdoors in geographical areas with a high occurrence of snowfall

The following accessories are supplied for the tanks:

• Flanged nozzles ANSI B16.5 for charge / discharge / returno / overflow / drain / level / services

• Fixation saddle, to affix the tank to the concrete base

• Lifting lugs, for loading and unloading maneuvers

• Venting Mushroomsm to prevent pressure or colapses

• 24”ø access in the cap and/or body

• PVC threaded coupling and nipple

• Tubing, stairs, platforms, handrails, baffle, profile holders

Fiberglass reinforced Plastic is an alternative to traditional materials, which in case of being correctly specified, designed, manufactured and operated will report great savings and benefits to the user.

F4 80 m³ Tanks in Cuernavaca

F5 Detail of the fixation of the tank to its concrete base





Below, we provide you with a file with the dimensions of storage tanks.


To request a quote for a storage tank we kindly urge you to download and complete the questionnaire to request a quote.

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