Rectangular pits or equipment (such as smokestacks and tubes) of more than two meters of diameter and that they have 2 access records of more than 500mm width can be coated internally, also trenches of more than 25 cm wide can be coated, the coat can be applied on new or used concrete and concrete even with previous coating.



The current coat will be removed and the status of the concrete surface will be evaluated, issuing a written report. If in some sides of the pit the old reinforced coat is extremely stuck, it won´t be removed by hitting or levering, because break the concrete would be a risk; this will be mechanically smoothed by polishing and sanding, preparing the surface for the adequate anchoring of the new coat.


In case that the Surface is severely damaged for water infiltration and concrete deterioration, A repair will be necessary and will be carried out by another specialized contractor.


In case that the concrete is damaged only superficially and not structurally, the cracks and irregularities could be fixed by means of the polymeric concrete application, this is a mixture of resin polyester, fiberglass and silica dust and thixotropic agents


Once the Surface is ready, the fiberglass reinforced plastic coating can be applied



Once the previous operation was performed, the Surface should leave dry completely and this is how is possible to apply the reinforced plastic.


If the pit corners are manufactured in right angle, could be rounded by means of the application of filler (plaste) of polyester resin and loads to improve the Surface coating anchoring.


A USA imported Reichhold Chemicals Inc Atprime 2 based chemical anchoring will be applied, this is a primary system of two polyurethane components, developed to improve the reinforced plastic adhesion to substrate concrete avoiding peeling and subsequent cracks.



The reinforced plastic coating is made with polyester or vinylester resin according to the fluid to be stored, in flexible formulation and  low shrinkage, developed especially to avoid cracks.


It´s reinforced with 2 or 3 coats of 457 g/ m² fiberglass mat. In function to the operation conditions


A fiberglass anticorrosive barrier is applied on base of 45 g/m² fiberglass Surface veil type C of high chemical resistance imported from England.



Application by contact molding system (hand layup) according to the international regulations ASTM C-582-84, ASME RTP-1-95 and NBSPS 15-69.


The coating thickness is 2.2 or 3.2 mm (according to the coats number) and it´s totally guaranteed against cracks and breaks


Additionally. An anchoring mechanical system of coating to avoid the concrete detachment will be applied, using 1 ½” large steel spikes fixed by shot of gunpower cartridge with a 1½” diameter flat washer. Which will be totally encapsulated in reinforced plastic.   



o carry out the coating service, we require of the customer the following:


To stop the equipment operation


To clean totally the equipment


To keep the surfaces and work area dry, otherwise the service could not be carried out because the reinforced plastic materials doesn´t polymerize with humidity or dust.


Energía eléctrica de 110 Voltios al pie de la obra.


Security warehouse to store materials and tools


To guarantee not to use the equipment, until EFISA approves by writing the use of the equipment


To indicate the detailed list of the internal requirements so our personnel, materials and equipment could to obtain without delay the entry and exit authorizations to your site. Such as; documentation, labor situation, security equipment, security training, register in your warehouse, etc.



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