We manufacture several process equipment, which are specified and designed by the customer or by engineering specialized consultants that develop engineering process and provide the detailed plans of these special manufacturing equipment


To quote the price of the special process equipment, it´s completely necessary that the client provide us the following:

• Detailed drawings

• General dimensions and pieces details

• Conditions and operation mode

• Dimensions and accessories specifications

• Complete design information


The customer or the engineer buffet hired by the customer have the responsibility of the appropriate performance and operation of this equipment.


Once received the information, EFISA makes a mechanical design of the equipment and the manufacturing materials choice in function of the conditions operation indicated by the customer and is responsible of the mechanical and chemical resistance of this process equipment.


The more common process equipment is:

• Decarbonating Towers

• Gas washing tower (scrubbers)

• Cooling towers

• Filters

• Vent Gases scrubber (standard model)

• Pipe floats station

• Smokestack

• Exhausting hoods

• Conduction gutters

• Sectors and segments







To request a quote of process equipment we appreciate you to download and fill the questionnaire to request a quote





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