EFISA offers the transport service of its tanks and industrial equipment, which can be embarked in our vehicles of different types according to the dimensions of themselves


The client can dispose if the cargo for shipping can be covered against theft and damages, through our open insurance policy AXA, the client insurance policy or travel without insurance at the client´s own risk.


In the following picture gallery, we show examples of shipments of tanks and industrial equipment.

The analysis to choose the best option for the shipping of each tank and equipment is done according to dimensions, place of delivery and vehicles access.


The Communications and Transport Ministry (SCT by its Spanish acronym) is the governmental agency which stablish the guidelines and gives the permission for the movement of excess of height equipment. The permissions are obtained within 1 to 3 labor days.


In these special permissions for the cargo, the SCT indicates dates, times, routes escort vehicles; these requirements must be satisfied in order to perform the movement in a safety way for the cargo and the vehicles on road.

Shipments of tanks


MN0701-MIT Management and installation of tanks.


MN0703-OMT Operation and maintenance of tanks.





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